Our History
Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1926 in Deacon Arthur James’ house in Spruce Alley on Chestnut by the late Reverend Aaron Burney, his wife, Frances, and children. The church was named Mount Pleasant Baptist Church by the late Sister Frances Burney. Their son, Herbert Burney, is currently a member of Mt. Pleasant.

Reverend Burney resigned in 1936, and Reverend George W. Mitchell was called to Pastor in 1937. At that time he was pastoring two churches, Grace Mary, Robles Pond and a church in Rubonia, Florida. He later resigned from both churches and gave full time to Mt. Pleasant. When Reverend Mitchell became the Pastor, the church was in debt. Within three years, all debts were paid off and the church had been enlarged.

The church became too small and Mr. Ben Lacy had a Sundry (at that time there was no such thing as a bar). He sold his place of business to the church for the sum of $18,000, which was paid off in two years. The location was Lincoln Park on the Riverside which is presently the Howard W. Blake Baseball Field. The members sat on boxes and wood benches without backs. They had kerosene lanterns along the walls and a potbelly stove for a heater. 

Many members were converted and baptized in the Hillsborough River. Several deacons were ordained to include Deacon Arthur James, Deacon Peter Kirkland, Deacon Mac McComb, Deacon James Sampson, Deacon Clev Adams, and Deacon J. Bedden.  The late Sis. Mamie Smart served as Church Clerk. Sister Lillie James succeeded her and served faithfully until her passing in 1959. The Church also had a choir, but no piano so they practiced at Annie Bailey’s house and they would sing acapella at church. Every first Monday the choir went to the Flying Squad (Choir Union) to sing.
  • 1951 A small building was built so that the Church could host the Association Convention.

  • 1954 The Hillsborough County School Board purchased the former church site on Spruce Street for $15,000.00. The two lots on Laurel Street were purchased and a new church was built by Brother Master Martin for $13,500.00.

  • 1955 (Feb)  We marched from the old church on Spruce Street to the new church on Laurel Street.

  • 1959 Sister Ernestine Rogers became Financial Secretary and Sister M.S. Jackson, Church Clerk.

  • May 1962 The church was demolished because of the expressway and worship services were then held at Pallbearers Temple on Main Street.

  • July 1962 Payments of $14,500 were paid for the lots on Spruce Street and Rome Avenue.

  • March 1963 The keys were presented to the present church. Deacon L.L. Virgil led a group of members in building the Church’s dining area.

  • April 1963 The building dedicated in time to entertain the District Sunday School and B.T.U. Convention.

  • 1965 We began building an annex to our main building and it was completed in April 1966.

  • 1966 Dedication services were held on April 24, 1966. Most of the work was done by members of the church under the leadership of deacon L.L. Virgil, who gave his spare time, working both day and night, to get the dining area ready that we might host The District  Sunday School and B.T.U. Convention.

  • Sept. 1967 The cornerstone was laid by the Lily White SBA.

  • June/Aug. 1973 The air conditioning and heating systems were completed.

  • Oct. 1976 The 50th Anniversary of the church was observed and $12,505.53 was raised to pay off the mortgage of the church.

  • Feb. 1977 The church mortgage was burned.


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